It seems like my blog is a travel diary recently but  anyway, I thought I would break my holiday posts down into two because I have so many pictures! Another adventure on the wonderful island of Mallorca is a trip up, down, and around the mountains, Tramuntanas (I don’t know if that the correct spelling! sorry!)

Here the air is fresh and clean and a welcome relief to the heat of the beaches. Our first stop was the tranquil monastery Lluc. Tucked away high in the mountains we managed to get there super early before the coaches arrived and had the place pretty much to ourselves, the views were stunning when we climbed to the peak of sanctuary a path through the olive trees which was created by Gaudi.

From here we travelled over the mountain and down a scary twisty road  and then on foot through a tunnel of rock to discover a to a little beach which in the summer is perfect for swimming and in the winter is the opening of the river into the sea. We spent a few hours here and did a bit of snorkelling.

Then it was on to one of my favourite places in Mallorca, Soller. A haven from the trashy tourist destinations in Mallorca this little town is full of bustling cafes and independent shops with a truly beautiful town square, which is the ideal place for a people watch and a big ice cream!! I want to live here!